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Why Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost So Much If No Painting Is Needed?

If you’re like most Dallas-area drivers, then your car is one of your most prized possessions. So, when it comes time to repair those pesky dents and dings, you want the best possible outcome – without spending a fortune. You may have heard about paintless dent repair as an option but wonder why it costs so much if no painting is needed. Here’s a closer look at what goes into this type of repair and why it can sometimes cost more than traditional body shop repairs. 

What Goes Into PDR 

Paintless dent repair is no ordinary repair method with a long history – though the details of that history depend on where you source your information from. PDR is a car maintenance skill that requires a high degree of training and experience. Often it takes a more thorough approach than most to avoid affecting the surrounding paint and to carefully reach the precise position of the dent. And don’t forget the specialized and varied equipment needed to pull it all off. 

Think about it this way – when you’ve spent years developing your talent and expertise, then it’s not just the single task a customer is compensating; it’s also all that time and effort honing the craft and all the necessary tools to handle not just the simple repairs but the more complex ones, too! 

How Hard Could PDR Really Be? 

Paintless dent repair is difficult to learn for how often it requires understanding, assessing, and managing specific situations that may be brand new to a repair technician. Even just learning what tool tip is best for each dent and bump is an entire skillset on its own. 

The Essential PDR Toolkit 

  • Reflector Board 
  • Glue Gun and PDR Glue 
  • Hammer and Knockdown 
  • S Hook and O Ring or PDR Hanger 
  • PDR Tabs 
  • Ratchet Handle Tools 
  • Glass Window Protector Board 
  • Dent Lifter 
  • Glue Removing Agent 
  • Bar with Screw Tips 
  • Hook Bar of multiple lengths 

PDR Requires Two Things 

PDR demands consistency.  

It’s possible to learn the trade, even if you have no previous experience working on cars. It does depend, however, on the amount of time you have to practice and your available budget for investing in at least some of those tools we listed above. On average, it takes approximately 6 to 12 months of consistent training to learn how to efficiently remove the most common types of car door dents at a professional level. For mastering the management of more complicated troubles, expect that timeframe to be much longer.  

PDR also needs lots of patience.  

For all the skill development necessary, it’s not exactly an overnight moneymaker and often also requires lots of attention to very minute nuances on the job. Expect more than a little frustration along the way as the learning process is very challenging to most anyone who attempts it. Perhaps to the untrained eye, PDR seems simple, but any pro in the field can assure you it’s anything but.  

“I’ll Just Figure It Out Myself with a YouTube Tutorial Video” 

Has this thought crossed your mind? Paintless dent repair is most definitely not something we even suggest attempting to DIY. Between the cost of proper toolkits, the time the job will take out of your schedule as a novice, and the high risk of ending up with results you won’t be happy with, the cheaper and more reliable bet is to bring it in for an assessment by the professionals at a PDR shop like BodyGuard to help you save on all three of those expenses.  

If you’re in need of paintless dent repair, don’t go it alone. Contact a professional team like BodyGuard for help. We have the experience and skill necessary to get your car looking as good as new again at rates more affordable than you may think. Give us a call today