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Why Cheap Dent Repair Can End Up Costing You More

There are way more appealing things to spend money on than dent removal for sure, but dents can happen no matter how careful you are and too many of them can impact the value of your vehicle. Cheap dent repair options sure sound tempting, but saving a few bucks now can end up costing you far more in the long run. You get what you pay for, and here are some thoughts to keep in mind when weighing all the costs of low-cost dent repair. 

  • The damage caused by a cheap repair can be worse than the original dent 

If the damage caused by low-quality repairs ends up being worse than what was initially there, then you’ll end up paying for two repairs (or more) instead of one! That’s a guaranteed drain on both time and money. Get it done right the first time!  

  • Cheap repairs often use low-quality materials that don’t last 

Speaking of needing two repairs instead of one… Corners have to be cut somewhere to reach that low service price, and the quality of materials is usually first on the chopping block. Or maybe you’ve decided to go the DIY route and buy a budget toolkit off the internet. Poor quality materials need quicker replacing, sure to balloon your maintenance costs over time. 

  • A cheap repair can void your car’s warranty 

If your car is still under warranty and has been repaired by someone other than an authorized dealership or body shop like BodyGuard Paintless Dent Repair, that work can likely void your warranty. An after-market repair to your car that may cause the further need for repairs is a risky move that may ultimately add thousands to your expenses should something worse eventually happen to your car – all for saving a little to fix a dent now. 

  • It’s difficult to find a good, reliable, and AFFORDABLE cheap dent repair service 

No question, it can be a chore all itself to find quality service you can both trust and afford. But knowing what to look for and ask about when searching for the right body shop can help make the task so much smoother! 

  • References – Ask your insurance provider for who they recommend. Yelp, Google searches, any online review can help you. Your friends, family, and coworkers may even have exactly the recommendation you need! 
  • Licenses & Insurance – Again, unqualified work on your car can affect far more than just your vehicle’s aesthetics. make sure to confirm credentials before agreeing to service. 
  • Pricing – Use your intuition. If a price sounds too good to be true, it likely is. There are lots of online aggregators where you can efficiently do your research comparing side-by-side service details like pricing and reviews. 
  • Customer Service – Did you like how they talked to you as a prospective customer over the phone or in email exchanges? Even the greatest body shop work still needs quality customer service, too. 

(Or just call BodyGuard PDR to take quality professional care of your vehicle!) 

  • A professional repair will last much longer and look better 

Maybe that DIY idea still sounds good to you. Sometimes the cheaper option is to simply not repair the dent at all. However, putting off that paint damage from denting, for example, will almost inevitably only get worse.  

So many factors – daily wear and tear, unpredictably harsh weather conditions, and even just chemicals and textures used in washing your vehicle – can worsen the damage. If the dent is harsh enough that the sealant is damaged, bare metal may become exposed from weakened, peeling paint. A repair like that will not be simple to make for an amateur, especially a repair that looks good and LASTS!  

Save yourself energy in ensuring that you’ll be happy with your repair results by going with a professional from day one. 

We know that getting your car dents repaired can seem like an expensive task. But the truth is, if you go with a cheap repair company or try to do it yourself, there are many reasons why this might ultimately end up costing even more. A superior quality professional service will not only fix your dents but also help protect against future damage and keep your warranty intact for years to come.  

If you’re ready to get started on safely fixing those pesky scratches and dings so they don’t become bigger problems down the road, contact BodyGuard Paintless Dent Removal today!