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GEICO Insurance teams up with Bodyguard PDR in 2020

When it comes to accessing hail damage, there is no one more qualified for the job than actual Paintless Dent Repair technicians. Insurance companies prefer paintless dent repair over conventional repair when possible, due to the quality and speed of the repair. In 2020 GEICO insurance teamed up with Bodyguard PDR in order to help them assess damage from local hail storms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

Bodyguard Paintless Dent Repair works with all insurance companies, such as State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Chubbs and Allstate. GEICO allowed us to host what is known in the industry as a CAT (Catastrophe) drive. This is where customers bring their vehicle in to get an initial hail inspection of the damage they received in a hail storm.  Insurance companies use this opportunity to assess damage and initiate payment of the claim. Customers then have the opportunity to make a hassle free decision to schedule an appointment with Bodyguard PDR.