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Car Dents Vs. Dings: What’s the Difference?

Almost everyone is familiar with the sinking feeling of climbing out of your car after a long day and finding a dent or ding on the side. These terms are often used interchangeably, but the distinction between them could mean a world of difference financially. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the variation between these terms, common causes, and how to repair them.

Car Dents Vs. Dings

What’s a Ding?

Generally, car dings are classified as minor indentations that do not penetrate the layer of paint or expose metalwork beneath. Dings usually measure up to 0.5 inches in diameter and have little to no effect on your car’s paint job.

What’s a Dent?

Unlike a ding, car dents are more serious in terms of damage. A true “dent” is classified as a type of damage done to a vehicle covering more surface area than a ding would. Dents typically involve paint and/or metalwork damage to the car. In the world of dents, there are several different types like round, creased, sharp, and hail dents to name a few. They’re more visible than dings and the repair is more costly.

What Are the Causes of Dents and Dings?

Dings are often caused by contact with other car doors or shopping carts, minor vehicle collisions, loose debris on the road, or opening a car door too quickly and hitting an object, like streetlights or concrete blocks. Most of these situations occur in parking lots or in city environments.

Dents are typically caused by collisions with other cars, hitting obstructions, careless cyclists, pedestrians, or other drivers, and natural disasters amongst others. Each type of dent can be equally disconcerting, but all of them can be repaired by a professional specializing in door dent or ding services.

How Do I Repair Car Dents or Dings?

Repairing dings on your own is possible, but inadvisable. Even though dings may be small, repairing one by yourself could potentially lead to more problems in the long run. You might end up having to pay more money to fix the damage you accidentally caused by trying to repair the ding without the experience of a professional.

Where Do I Find a Dent Repair Specialist?

When searching for a dent repair company, going to a local business would be your best option. They offer many benefits like cost-effectiveness, convenience, flawless results, and maintaining the value and saleability of your vehicle. At Bodyguard PDR, our expert team specializes in paintless dent removal and dent repair. With over 18 years of experience and 20,000+ vehicles fixed, Bodyguard provides easy, hassle-free, affordable, and reliable paintless dent repair services in Dallas and Fort Worth.

If you’re in need of a dent or ding repair, trust the professionals at Bodyguard PDR to be perfect for the job. Our commitment to excellence and providing our customers with the best possible service has garnered our superior reputation. If you have any questions or need an outstanding repair for your car’s dents or dings, contact our friendly team members today!